WordPress plugin for Google Sidewiki



WordPress plugin for Google Sidewiki comments

With this plugin you can obtain and publish Google Sidewiki comments in your WordPress blog.

Download: WP-oySidewiki

How to use ?, add this code in your template:

<?php echo getSidewikiComments(get_permalink()); ?>

Demo Screenshot:

Plugin WP-oySidewiki Google Sidewiki comments integration with WordPress


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  1. <span class="topsy_trackback_comment"><span class="topsy_twitter_username"><span class="topsy_trackback_content">Wordpress plugin for Google Sidewiki http://bit.ly/JoUWK #wordpress #google #sidewiki</span></span>

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  4. Jorge Oyhenard says:

    <span class="topsy_trackback_comment"><span class="topsy_twitter_username"><span class="topsy_trackback_content">Our content, our comments!! wordpress plugin for google sidewiki http://bit.ly/AeUfM #sidewiki #wordpress</span></span>

  5. elQuique says:

    Hi Aart-Jan, add the code in single.php file before <?php comments_template(); ?>

  6. Aart-Jan says:

    Hi.. I am not a code guru… To which file and where in the file in my template should I add the code? All the attempts I have made so far messed up the lay out of my site…

  7. Aart-Jan says:

    Jorge, thankx! Sidewiki comments now work on our small corporate experimental blog popolab.nl

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